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Quod Verum Tutum

This page was last updated on 30 December 2023

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The Courtenay Society in Paris, France, at Courtenay, France, and at Chateau de Draveil

The Courtenay Society in British Columbia, Canada

The Courtenay Society in British Columbia, Canada

The Courtenay Society in France

The Courtenay Society in the UK and Ireland

The Courtenay Society in the UK and Ireland


This web site is dedicated to the discovery and preservation of the history of the Courtenay family and related branches. The Courtenay family has roots in France and England with many branches spread throughout the world. Significant branches of the family are located today in England, Ireland, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

The Courtenay Society was formed in response to numerous suggestions made to the Earl of Devon, head of the Courtenay Family, that an organisation should be established that would link the descendants of ATHON de Courtenay (c AD 985 - AD 1065) throughout the world. Over the centuries the spelling of the name has taken many forms, Courtenay being the original form, but, for convenience, only one spelling could be adopted for the name of the Society. The membership includes the many variants as well as distaff members of many other names.

Courtenays, however they have spelt their name, have played important, and well recorded roles, in the world's history from their origin in France, during the Crusades, as Emperors of the Byzantine Empire, to that of England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States. The Courtenay Society is based in Devon, England at Powderham Castle.

In Memory of Hugh Rubert Courtenay, 18th Earl of Devon, 5 May 1942 - 18 August 2015

A Genealogical History of the Noble and Illustrious Family of Courtenay by Erza Cleaveland pub.1735

Searchable Erza Cleaveland (1735) text transcribed by Stan Courtney

Link to Courtney Genealogy Website by Stan Courtney (Courtenay Society member)

Link to David Whitfield's excellent website regarding William Courtenay, 3rd Viscount and 9th Earl of Devon

From the Archives: The 1977 Courtenay tour of Courtenay, France

Courtenay Society October 2006 Ireland Tour Itinerary


See Crossle history of Irish Courtenays, revised 3rd edition

Courtenay biographical excerpts from "The History of Parliament"

A few pages of Courtenay biographies from the "History of Parliament."

These excerpts are presented in accordance with the fair use copyright doctrine for non profit educational and research purposes only.

Gertrude Thrift Abstract #3648, Dublin PRO.

Gertrude Thrift Abstract #3681, Dublin PRO.

Thrift Abstracts #3648 and #3681, scanned into PDF format by Tom Thatcher. Originals located at Dublin PRO.

Abstracts by Gertrude Thrift, a Dublin genealogist who researched the Courtenay family in Ireland, circa 1910.

Note: the line showing Richard Courtenay (m. Mary MacDonald) as the son of James Courtenay (m. Jane) is contradicted by a record located at the Devon PRO that shows Richard Courtenay died a minor without issue.

The VISITATIONS OF THE COUNTY OF DEVON - Link to PDF download of complete document

VISITATIONS OF THE COUNTY OF DEVON - Courtenay-only 11-page PDF file download (pages 243-253)

Link to public domain PDF download of "THE HERALDS' VISITATIONS OF 1531, 1564, & 1620,"

with additions by LIEUTENANT-COLONEL J. L. VIVIAN for the author by HENRY S. ELAND, EXETER - see Courtenays beginning on printed page 243.

Pat Patterson's N.Y.C. website, Courtenay links:

The Earldom of Devon. A Digression of the Families of Redvers and Courtenay

The Courtenay line per Charles Worthy's"digression"

Courtenay Desendancy from Athon

Ubi lapsus quid feci? Quod verum tutum.

"Ubi lapsus quid feci?

(Where have I fallen? What have I done?)

"Quod verum tutum."

(What is true is safe.)

Inscribed by Edward Courtenay while imprisoned in the Tower of London, circa 1546.

Source: Durant, Horatia, "Sorrowful Captives, The Tudor Earls of Devon", The Griffin Press, 1960, p. 46.

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